JESSE BALL: The Cadets’ Last Game


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Chapter 10: Entering the Zone (1959)

Chapter 1: Binghamton (1924-35)

BBC Interview


Chapter 1: The Candy Store

Chapter 2: A Coach Named Joe

Chapter 2: Ultra-Dada Days

Chapter 3: The Breakdown

Chapter 6: Submerging

Delivering the Goods

Excerpt from the Serling Lecture

Introduction by John Keegan

JESSE BALL Prologue: “The Game”

OFF THE MAP Chapter 2: “The Summit and the City”


Postscript: Journey's End

Review (Library Journal 10/10/92)

Reviews and Comments

Serling – Binghamton

THE BATTLE OF FINLAND Chapter 1: “A Wild Day”

THE BATTLE OF FINLAND Chapter 9, “Tears in Helsinki”

The Frank Family That Survived: The BBC Radio Documentary

What the Finnish Press Says about The Battle of Finland

No. 1: Prologue, February 12, 1971

No. 2: Baptism

No. 3: Election Night, 1968

No. 4: Strange Days

No. 5: Epiphany with Irish Setter

No. 6: When He Began Thinking Otherwise

No. 7: Intermission, or Where Is This Thing Going?

No. 8: Dead Squirrels Tell No Lies

No. 9: Spring Offensive

No. 10: A Night to Remember

No. 11: No Speed Limit, or The Ultimate Summer Job

No. 12: Coming Into the Canyon

No. 13: Running Toward the Sun

No. 14: What Goes Up Must Come Down

No. 15: Of Hand Grenades and Hyper-Bull Sessions

No. 16: Epiphany, Early Morning, Collegetown

No. 17: Persona Non Grata

No. 18: Exile on Main Street

No. 19: Return of the Nowhere Man

No. 20: Going Up the Country

No. 21: Spawn on the Lawn

No. 22: Rothman in Love

No. 23: The End (Sort Of)