About the Site

Welcome to The Sander Zone, the official website for Gordon F. Sander. Accept no substitutes.

In 1997, I wanted to create an original way of showing and telling my work. The result was “book,” a limited-edition coffee-table-cum-catalogue of my publications and photographs. I am still proud of it, and still use the two copies (out of 100) that I produced at the time. (Incidentally, if any of you out there are interested in returning your prized copies at half price, please let me know!)

I am also proud of this site. Designed by David Schoonover, Cornell ’05, as well as a member of the student SWAT team recruited at Risley College during my happy tenure as artist-in-residence, this site is “book” taken to the next dimension — a means by which my editors, collectors, friends and family (not necessarily in that order) can keep track of my multifarious activities, as well as see the best and/or most interesting examples of my work in the literary and photographic media. Mind, not all of my work is here, but a good chunk of it is. Today, the revised, revamped site is maintained by David’s stalwart successor, Scott Reu (Cornell ’13).

Enjoy! Or, in the words of the old WWI slogan: Use it up! Wear it out! Make it do! And thanks for entering… The Sander Zone!

Y’all come back, ya hear?!