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(POLITICO/9-14-17) On August 19, 1976, the day after the Republican Party nominated President Gerald Ford as its candidate in the forthcoming presidential election against Democrat Jimmy Carter, readers of the New York Times were greeted by the following harrowing front page headline: 2 AMERICANS SLAIN BY NORTH KOREANS IN CLASH AT DMZ According to the […]


Anxious to find precedents for the frightening and ultimately deadly alt-right, “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, some media outlets have likened the images of the recent mayhem in Virginia, with the chilling ones of the German-American Bund rally that filled Madison Square Garden on February 20, 1939 with 22,000 hate-spewing American Nazis. That rally, […]


For years environmentalists and urban planners have been fantasizing about low to no-car city living, in order to make their municipalities easier and safer places to live, while also cutting reducing their carbon footprint. However although the mayors of a number of cities, such as Paris, Athens, and Mexico City and others have committed their […]

‘I LOVED YOUR BOOK!’ (100 Day War)

Seven years after its publication in Finland, where it was the second best selling non-fiction book for six months, four years after it was published in the U.S., The Battle of Finland (or the Hundred Day Winter War, as it was called here) continues to throw off sparks of different sorts, including fine reviews to […]

STRATCOM BLUES (Politico 3/16/17)

RIGA, LATVIA. For an institution that is supposed to be a think tank, the sullen-looking, three floor headquarters of StratCom, the NATO Strategic Communications Center of Excellence, with its deep-set windows, piked gates and guardhouse, more closely resembles a fortress. So it’s not surprising to learn that in its previous life, when the Republic of […]

THE LAST LENIN MUSEUM (Monitor 1/18/17)

TAMPERE, FINLAND. Tampere, Finland’s second largest city, is known as the birthplace of the Soviet Union. That’s because that is where the two architects of the Bolshevik Revolution, Vladimir Lenin and Josef Stalin, then on the run from czarist authorities, met in 1905 at the city’s Workers’ Hall. The venerable hall used to be known […]