Time for another Sander Media staff shout out..

Contrary to earlier reports (including one in this space), Phoebe Hering, the latest of the long Big Red line of Cornellians who have helped kept me going on this side of the Atlantic over the years , has decided to re-up for another term. Praise be and welcome back Phoebe!

Also a hearty—and belated–round of cyber-applause, please, for my resolute and indefatigable senior Helsinki associate, the Right Honorable Tomas Sjoblom. For the last year, Tomas, a graduate student in history at Helsinki University, has been my chief aide-de-camp for Citizen Kekkonen, as well as my other Finnish creative/scholarly projects. In this capacity he has helped arranged and/or conducted nearly two dozen interviews with members of the former Finnish president’s inner circle in various cafes, hotel lobbies and hotel breakfast rooms across Helsinki, including entertaining/cooling off same while yours truly (occasionally) arrived a few minutes late (in time-conscious Finland, five minutes late is late! and don’t forget it), while also translating several hundred pages of books, articles and speeches in Finnish and performing diverse other tasks too numerous to name.

If Kekkonnen turns out to be the great success everyone is predicting it to be, a lot of the credit must go to Tomas.

Over and above that, Tomas, who also is an officer with the Swedish speaking students’ union at the university (which basically involves a lot of drinking) is a hail-fellow-well-met.

Tack Tack Tomas and thank, too, for hanging in there!

Finally, a word of thanks to my departing Helsinki bureau chief, the lovely and versatile Mau Vuori, for her help and support on both my current and previous projects, as well as for hanging in there through thick and thin.

Kiitos Tomas! Kiitos Mau! And thanks to all you wonderful former Sander Media staffers out there for all your help and support over the years!

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