(CSMonitor 10/15)  Are the Soviets—pardon, the Russians—planning on invading Finland again?  Probably not. However, the numerous recent overflights of Finnish air space by Vladimir and his aggressive air force, combined with his annexation of Crimea and the other Ukrainian craziness, are making a lot of Finns nervous.  Nervous enough to rethink their dyed-in-the-wool opposition to joining NATO, a legacy of the Cold War years, as well as World War II?  Not clear.  Deep down, many Finns, especially those with long memories feel that if the Russkies really go at it again, they will have to fend for themselves again, just as they did during the Talvisota, when for one reason or another neither of the Allies, i.e., Great Britain and France, nor the then neutral U.S., managed to send them the manpower or airpower they needed to resist the Red Goliath (a subject to which I devote considerable time in A Hundred Day Winter War).

Thus the subject of my most recent dispatch from the Baltic for my outlet, The Christian Science Monitor (which I love working with), which got quite a lot of attention. Click here to check it out.

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