Off the Map: My Finnish Affair

What are you doing here? my Finnish friends have been asking me ever since I began regularly visiting Finland in the early 1990s, when Suomi was still very much off the world’s cultural map. So, why are you always flying to Finland? my American friends have been asking me for nearly as long. Really want to know? Read my latest book, Off the Map: A Personal History of Finland. Published earlier this year by Gummerus under the title Usein Unohdettu Suomi, the book recounts the story of my quixotic, amusing and occasionally dangerous relationship with the world’s northernmost country, while describing the seismic changes in Finnish culture and society I have witnessed and reported. The English edition of the book is now available as an e-book at Amazon.

This book, which represents a lifelong dream of mine, has received wonderful notices in the Finnish press, including, most recently, the current (December 2012) issue of Blue Wings, the Finnair inflight magazine. Check it out!

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