Daily Archives: November 6, 2011

Diving into Budapest (Blue Wings, 10/2011)

DIVING INTO THE EIGHTH. “Up and coming? The Eighth?” Up until a few years ago, the average Budapester would have described this raffish, pie-shaped district on the eastern side of the bifurcated Hungarian capital as anything but. Now, thanks to an infusion of imagination and investment, and a healthy dose of Hungarian coffee, the eighth, […]

OFF THE MAP Chapter 2: “The Summit and the City”

“Have you heard, “ Gunnar, my amiable guide and contact person from the Aland Tourist Board asked me, as he was driving me to the very deluxe—and very isolated—house in the district of Bjorko, in the center of the main island of the archipelago which he had found for me, “Your President Bush and Mr. […]

JESSE BALL Prologue: “The Game”

A moment to remember from a coach’s life… Time: a few minutes before one in the morning. Date: June 12, 2008. Place: Joe Bruno Stadium, just outside of Troy, New York. The game: The New York State sectional championship game between the Cadets of La Salle Institute, a Catholic military school located near Troy, in […]

THE BATTLE OF FINLAND Chapter 1: “A Wild Day”

RUSSIANS START THEIR INVASION OF FINLAND PLANES DROP BOMBS ON AIRFIELD AT HELSINKI WAR STARTS AS U.S. MOVE FOR PEACE IS MADE —The New York Times, November 30th, 1939 I remember everything quite clearly. My memories are so clear they still torture me sometimes. When it’s cold and snowy, I can picture myself in those […]

THE BATTLE OF FINLAND Chapter 9, “Tears in Helsinki”

March 13, 1940 “It was the darkest day in our history, I think.” —Harry Matso1 IF THE FIRST DAY of the Winter War was for Finns the longest day of the 105 day conflict, the last day was easily the second. If anything, peace, when it came, in the form of Vaino Tanner’s radio speech […]