Hi Zonies, media history freaks and Sander literary faithful. Hearken! Your prayers have been answered!

This summer, some nineteen years (actually eighteen years and ten months for those of you who are counting) after it was first published, after the Zonesque odyssey described below, SERLING: THE RISE AND TWILIGHT OF TELEVISION”S LAST ANGRY MAN, my first book and literary Golgotha, is being brought out again by Cornell University Press.

Not to worry: same great text, same rich body, but with a wonderful new foreword by my friend and fellow Zonie, Ron Simon—who was one of the godfathers of the tome, a super cool new cover and lots of new photos, including several taken by me of Serling’s Binghamtonian digs and his former house in Los Angeles, also site of that pool, the same pool that inspired Serling to call L.A. the “the land of mink swimming pools” and besides which he wrote so many great “Zone” scripts while smoking all those Newports.

Yes indeedy! I can’t tell you how happy I am about this, and you, the Serling nation, should be no less pleased. The fact that the new edition is being published in Ithaca, where I first caught the Zone bug when the series was still being shown in reruns on WPIX-TV—and where Serling summered and taught during the latter part of his career, as well as where I met him the one and only time I did meet him (while he was dining at the late great Station restaurant with him family, and should have known better but to leave him alone, but no of course there I was, geeky undergrad in his face, asking him about the future of surrealism and television, and nice man that he was, taking the time to answer my hard-to-chew question…) makes this coup—and as I am sure you know getting any out-of-print book reissued in today’s publishing climate IS a coup (and isn’t this a long sentence?) all the sweeter.

As I did when the book was first published, I will be going on another tour for the book, lantern slide show of “Zone” in hand, including stops in Binghamton, Cincinnati, and other places. Watch this space for more. I am also trying to arrange a publication party for the book at the Ithaca Bus Terminal, the same place that inspired one of Rod’s most memorable “Zone” episodes (you remember, the one in which Martin Milner swears he sees his doppelganger waiting for the same bus, then chases him…yes, yes, it’s coming back now). We’ll get back to you about that…

In the meantime, take care, beware, SERLING is BACK!

Thank you Cornell University Press! Thanks Courtney, Scott and Bob for helping us over the final hurdle. And, to paraphrase Gloria Swanson, thank all of you wonderful people out there in the dark. Let there be light!

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