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Budapest’s Top Five Cafes (4/11)

Blue Wings, April 2011 Gerbeaud. Founded in 1870 by renowned Henrik Kugler, this Budapest institution, which anchors pedestrianized Vörösmarty tér, has been a fulcrum of the Hungarian’s life ever since. Admire the lustrous interior and glittering chandeliers while sipping a cherry cognac, a Gerbeaud invention. Or seat yourself at one of the umbrella-shaded tables outside […]

Diving into District Eight: Exploring Budapest’s most happening neighborhood

Blue Wings, Scheduled October 2011 A group of elderly pensioners exchanging gossip in the venerable garden of the Hungarian National Museum, while some well-fed starlings bemusedly look on from the branches of the hundred year old linden trees. The fragrant smell of freshly baked palacsinta wafting from an ancient pastry shop. A mass of whooping […]

Summerscape: Newport ’68

Special to The New York Times I was three weeks into my demanding duties as boating and canoeing counselor at Treasure Island Day Camp in Oceanside, New York—a job which essentially involved preventing the clusters of pre-teen oarsmen who banged around Treasure Island’s tiny “lake” from floating out into Long Island Sound–when I asked my […]

What the Finnish Press Says about The Battle of Finland

“Sander’s outstanding book, The Battle of Finland, differentiates from [the many] works on this subject in numerous ways… His work combines brilliant writing, faithfully rendered by Arto Häilä’s excellent translation, with a rock sold factual foundation… The book successfully weaves together the broad outlines of world history and the situation in Finland, so that the […]

Estonia Lost and Found: The Rebirth of a Community (Or: Mazel Tov Estonia!) (2/09)

Special to In Time, ca. February 2009 …Because of her remarkably rapid economic recovery and the prevailing low cost of living, Estonia has been called ‘the Golden Corner of Europe.’ But by whatever fair name this beautiful little country may be called on account of her economic position, it can certainly be said that her […]

Helsinki: A City of Foodies (12/07)

From the Daily Telegraph, ca. December 2007 There has been a sea change in Finnish culture over the past decade, as what used to be a private, introspective, essentially conservative country locked in its own dimension somewhere between East and West, has morphed into a far more cosmopolitan, European place where people are not averse […]

Estonia Lost and Found: Kolga, a living museum of Estonian history (5/08)

Special to In Time, ca. May 2008 If any of the thousand odd manors scattered across the Estonian countryside can be said to incarnate the country’s history, from the relatively benign period of Swedish rule right down to the blight and neglect of the Soviet one, it is Kolga, the somewhat bedraggled, but still impressive […]

Grenoble: France’s Alpine Gem (9/08)

From the Fin Times, September 2008 General (why Grenoble?) Why Grenoble? Because…of its literally out-of-the-world locale as the gateway to the French Alps …because it combines the coziness of a small town with the buzz of a big city…because of its tempting selection of four star hotels, chateaux, and top restaurants to choose from…because of […]