Monthly Archives: September 2000

Stockholm (Financial Times: How To Spend It 10/00)

The Swedish capital has added a sense of glamour and fun to its historic attractions. Gordon F Sander spends a weekend immersed in its bloody past and sizzling present. The blue-veined Swedish capital has always been a bit like its most famous modern daughter, Greta Garbo: breathtakingly beautiful, but rather steely, and not nearly as […]

The Good Times (Cornell Alumni News 9/76)

An English Woman remembers Cornell in the ’20s In June 1927, Elspeth Grant was graduated from Reading University in England with a diploma in agriculture; she was only 20. In honor of the occasion, her uncle, who was also her guardian, decided to give his precocious niece a gift of some sort. Would she like […]

Helsinki U. Seethes with Student Unrest, First Since the 60's (The Chronicle of Higher Education 12/12/90)

Student loans, university budgets, and campus governance are issues. For the first time since the late 1960′s, the University of Helsinki, Finland’s flagship institution of higher education, is seething with student discontent. While the previous wave of unrest focused largely on allegations of elitism against the university’s student union, these days the chief points of […]

Donovan at Large (Unpublished 1980)

Treatment for a TV series about the adventures of a happy-go-lucky freelance investigative journalist based roughly on “The Rockford Files.” An episodic drama with comedic overtones using as its raison d’être the adventures and misadventures of one J.P. Donovan, an itinerant freelance investigative reporter working out of Boston. Sort of a cross between “The Name […]

Talisman: A Resort Whose Luck Ran Out (Fire Island News 6/2/88)

It was, according to one writer, “the kind of place where girls like Holly Golightly and Lorelei Lee might rest, away from the hunting grounds of the Riviera and the playing fields of Cartier’s.” It was the kind of place where the flags of 20 nations flew at dockside, ready to welcome its international clientele […]

'Nowledge Nosh (Unpublished 1981)

Selected excerpts from the controversial advertising brochure and descriptive catalog for ‘NOWLEDGE NOSH, New York City’s most exciting continuing education program, which was mysteriously inserted into several hundred thousand copies of a recent edition of the Sunday New York Times…. *********************************[Cover page]********************************** A MESSAGE FROM OUR LEADER — AND AN INVITATION…. Greetings! ‘NOWLEDGE NOSH, Gotham’s […]

Coast Guard Novel (Unpublished 1982)

The following is the prologue for a novel about the fictionalized adventures of a real-life Coast Guardsman, who is a lookout on one of the first Coast Guard cutters assigned to drug interdiction duty in the Caribbean in the late 1970s. PROLOGUE: THE NAME OF THE GAME (March, 1978) “The best part of a voyage […]