Daily Archives: August 1, 2000

Fire Island During the Sixties (Fire Island News 8/20/87)

HAPPENING HAPPENING TONIGHT– Tom Potocki and Gary Winters, artists about Fire Island, blow their artistic minds and invite other islanders to do the same when they stage their Fire Island happening, ‘Plastic Grass,’ at the Seaview recreation area on the bay tonight, starting at 6 p.m. Potocki and Winters have gone through their entire life […]

Looking Forward To Mondays (The New York Times 6/19/94)

Weeknight doldrums? Not at the China Club. Cross “The Cotton Club” with “Saturday Night Fever,” add a dash of “Star Wars” (remember the interplanetary saloon?) and you’ll have an idea of the scene that unfolds every Monday night at the China Club, the venerable dance palace and rock club at 75th Street and Broadway. Call […]

London’s Millenium Fever (Preservation 5-6/97)

Looking boldly ahead to the year 2000, Britain’s ancient capital remembers that the Thames first gave it life. Architect Richard Rogers plans to use the river once again as the city’s high street, hoping to encourage a general renaissance. *** Earth has not anything to show more fair: Dull would he be of soul, who […]

Waitresses and the Muse (Unpublished 1984)

Unpublished, 1984 It had been one of those awful summer weeks. The landlord was threatening to evict me. My cat was dying. So was my air conditioner. I was lonely. I was depressed. I was vulnerable. “Would you like to see a menu, sir?” I looked up. She was young, 21 maybe, 22 tops. A […]

No Friends to the Fir (Sierra 5-6/91)

As Soviet acid rain falls on the forests of Lapland, nature-loving Finns find that glasnost alone isn’t good enough. The Soviet Union’s problems in the Baltic region are not limited to burgeoning independence movements in Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania. While the end of the Cold War should have brought an easing of tensions between the […]

Turku: Making the most of Finland proper (Scandinavian Review, Summer ’01)

Finland proper. That — as the proud, even arrogant, residents of Turku and its environs are fond of reminding visitors — is the proper term for their history-drenched, if comparatively little-known corner of the world. This somewhat high-blown, if defensible expression derives from the salient and inarguable fact that this southwestern corner of Suomi was […]

The Overachiever Awards (Rolling Stone 8/27/84)

THE ROBERT VESCO SELF-IMPROVEMENT THROUGH GRANT THEFT, EMBEZZLEMENT, FORGERY AND IMPERSONATION FELLOWSHIP (includes one-way fare to Costa Rica): Edgar P. Berube, New England College, Beloit College, Iowa State University Fraternity brothers at the University of New Hampshire thought he was a member of the Kennedy clan. The admissions counselor at Beloit College was convinced he […]