Monthly Archives: July 2000

The Greening of Scandinavia (Scandinavian Review 1992)

In an unprecedented act of transnational eco-cooperation, the governments of Finland, Sweden, and Norway recently announced that they had put together a $1 billion fund to help the Russian government clean up the noxious nickel factories in the Kola Peninsula, whose sulfur dioxide emissions are endangering the three countries’ Lappish forests. A new poll shows […]

Innocence Lost (The New York Times Magazine 8/22/76)

I. James Boswell once wrote that if he ever knew that the world was coming to an end he would move to the Netherlands, “because everything happens 50 years later there.” The Netherlands is certainly not as isolated or as insulated as it used to be — indeed, because of its industry and resourcefulness, as […]

Finnish Furniture Goes Global (The European 9/15/98)

If you’ve been casting envious glances at a colleague’s mobile phone recently, the chances are it’s a Nokia. While other mobile phoe manufacturers compete to see who can make the smallest, most high-tech hindset, the Finnish company Nokia concentrates on making phones that are easy to handle and beautiful to look at. Such simple, functional […]

Hurricane of `38 Gave Island a Sucker Punch (Fire Island News 5/26/88)

“Eight persons were reported missing from Fire Island, which felt the full force of the storm. According to word received last night by Suffolk County police, there were six persons missing at Mastic Beach. – The New York Times, Sept. 22, 1938 “Rain and cold today,” the New York Times advised its readers on its […]

Saratoga Springs (Financial Times: How To Spend It 8/01)

In an American spa town built on gambling, any whiff of sleaze is quickly dispersed by old world charm. Gordon Sander takes a dip. Jenny Jerome, the mother of Winston Churchill was keen on the place. Lillian Russell, the It girl of the American Victorian era, used to strut her stuff here. And so have […]

New York at Night (Unpublished '95)

“So, what’s the deal with people dancing in their chairs?” asked Louise Tornehave of Stockholm, my current houseguest and nocturnal companion, on a recent evening at System, the latest Manhattan nightclub we had come to check out. Techno reverberated through the smoky, twin bar-cum-lounge atrium, as several hundred Thursday night partiers of all ages, sects, […]

No Speed Limit: Lake Mead, 1969 (Unpublished 1986)

It was difficult to make out the triangular sign by the side of Lakeshore Road on the road to Las Vegas, particularly at the high subsonic speeds my friends from Boulder City often attained, but if you concentrated, you could manage it: DESERT NO SPEED LIMIT “BLAST OFF,” it could just as well have said. […]