Monthly Archives: March 2000

We Offer, For Your Consideration, Rod Serling (A&E Monthly 6/94)

For Zonies, the words are like a mantra by now — ominous, yet somehow reassuring. “You unlock this door with the key of imagination. Beyond it is another dimension,” a sinuous voice intones off camera, as a giant eyeball and shattering window hurtle past. “–a dimension of sound–a dimension of mind–” The voice, of course, […]

Two postcards from the Åland Islands (9/90)

Dear Mike, Fred is the word for “peace” in Swedish, but it really ought to be Åland, the name of these beguiling islands lying between Finland and Sweden. Åland was declared a demilitarized zone by Russia in 1856, after its forces had been blasted out of the water by an Anglo-French expedition during the Crimean […]

She Without Whom No Party is Complete (The New York Times 5/2/99)

Three years, some 2,000 parties and dozens of widely read columns later, Tara Palmer-Tomkinson has mixed feelings about being London’s longest serving Drop Dead girl. “I’m emotionally bankrupt,” Ms. Palmer-Tomkinson said over lunch at the staid and sober Oxford-Cambridge Club. “Then again, who wouldn’t be with my schedule?” London’s ultimate party girl, Ms Palmer-Tomkinson sometimes […]

The Åland Islands: A Place Worlds Apart (Unpublished ’04)

If you thought obscure principalities and autonomous regions were more of a French, Spanish, and Italian oddity, Finland can be added to the mix. Lying in the Gulf of Bothnia, Åland is an autonomous unilingual demilitarized (Swedish-speaking) demilitarized province of Finland, famous for its tax-free status in the middle of two of the world’s most […]

Collegiate Cousins: Bard and Sarah Lawrence (Hudson Valley 3/95)

One of the measures of the richness of the educational topsoil of the Hudson Valley — which for the purposes of this series we are calling the Ivy Valley — is the fact that the region has given rise to two of the most distinctive and successful liberal-arts colleges in the United States — namely, […]