Daily Archives: February 1, 2000

Estonia: Lost and Found (Time 1/05)

Moura Budberg, H.G. Wells, and the Lost World of Yendel She met me at the airport in Tallinn, candid seeming, self-possessed and affectionate. She kissed me. You look tired, my dear. Your eyes are tired–We dropped my bags in the Balts’ Club in town and drove to a restaurant on the outskirts to get some […]

A Dutch City Gets Its Buzz Back (The New York Times 1/8/06)

Time was if you mentioned The Hague to someone from Amsterdam, the most likely comment you would have received would have been “stately,” followed closely by “boring” (if not the reverse). The Hague, site of the 13th century Binnenhof, where the Dutch parliament meets, has long labored in the shadows of its supposedly hipper sister […]

Woodstock Redux: Love It/Hate It (Hudson Valley 8/94)

Hate It: Farewell Aquarius Woodstock Redux? Thanks, but no thanks. Personally speaking, the thought of all those aging baby boomers taking out their faded tie-dyes and rusty hash pipes for one last exorbitant–and, to my mind, contrived–blast from the past at Bethel ’94, the baby-boomer folkie-nostalgia show organized by Sid Bernstein, leaves me distinctly unenthused. […]

English Jeweler, a Bit Faded, Turns to the House of Jagger (The New York Times 4/29/01)

I don’t want to design jewelry just for the ladies who lunch,” Jade Jagger declared with puckish emphasis, lunching at Claridge’s earlier this month, as one of the grandes dames in question, seated nearby, flashed a look of disapproval and returned to her pheasant. “That’s not what my job is about.” Ms. Jagger was referring […]

A Helsinki State of Mind (Financial Times 5/16/03)

Gordon Sander discovers there is much to see in the Finnish capital and squeezes in a helicopter ride to Estonia. “Isn’t this unbelievable?” I said to my friend, Kristine, as our 12-seat helicopter churned its way through the 18 spectacular minutes separating Helsinki from its sister Baltic city of Tallinn. Forty-eight hours earlier, Kristine, a […]

Academic Studies Rank High at West Point (Hudson Valley 8/95)

It’s no longer enough to be an officer and a gentleman. Now, the U.S. Military Academy trains its cadets to be creative thinkers, too. “Do you have one of those for each of us?” The major asked me, in a voice loud enough for the 16 uniformed cadets seated with me in the small, spotless […]

Letter from London (Unpublished '97)

London, as you may have noticed, has a buzz again. “London — The Coolest City on the Planet,” cried an article in Newsweek last November. The resurgence of London fashion, the explosion in the city’s polyrhythmic club scene, as well as the new local architecture boom were all cited by the magazine’s trend spotters as […]