Daily Archives: January 1, 2000

A tale of two countries: The Finnish-Estonian Rapprochement (Scandinavian Review 4/99)

John O’Brien, an English travel writer, has the distinction of publishing the first post-Soviet travel guide to Estonia in English. Brought out in 1993, just as Russian forces were finally — and belatedly — evacuating the former Estonian Soviet Socialist Republic, Estonia: The Guidebook, has a number of blanks in it, especially when describing “forbidden […]

Gypsy King of the Lower East Side (Unpublished '07)

Upon arriving to the melting pot I got penciled in as a goddam white Now that I’m categorized Officer gets me naturalized O-yo-yoi legalize me! O-yo-you legalize me! So go the rousing words to “Immigrant Punk,” the song about the legal woes of the latest wave of newcomers to our shores by Eugene Hutz, the […]

In the Steps of Byron (CNN Traveller 4/06)

The legendary British poet Lord Byron was a leading figure in the 19th-century Greek independence movement. Today, in the cities of Ioannina and Missolonghi, his legacy lives on.

Estonia Lost and Found: The Secret Lives of Tallinn Hotels (In Time, Winter 2005)

Interested in Estonian history? One of the best places to discover Tallinn’s fascinating and turbulent history is your hotel. Case in point: the Sokos Hotel Viru. Built in the early 1970s, when the then Estonian Soviet Socialist Republic was one of the crown jewels of the Soviet Empire, the twenty two story, 516 room Viru, […]

Confusion As Centre Holds (Times of London 8/25/95)

After a year replacing a Conservative government which extensively decentralised Swedish higher education, the Social Democrats are finding it hard to re-assert their old authority. Boel Flodgren, rector of Lund University is one of many university administrators strongly opposed to the policies of Carl Tham, minister of education and science, and his officials. The university […]

Sweden: After the Fall (Wilson Quarterly 2/96)

Nowhere in the world has the dream of reason been pursued quite so vigorously as in the Kingdom of Sweden. Under Social Democratic leadership, this Scandinavian country became famous around the world for its humane “Middle Way.” Swedes believed that their distinctive “Swedish model,” with its massive welfare state, its near-null unemployment, and its lofty […]

The Risley Sanction (The Cornell Daily Sun 5/2/03)

I have one of the oddest faculty — or quasi-faculty — positions at Cornell, as well as one of the coolest. And what makes my job so anomalous also happens to be what makes it so cool. As one of the two guest suite artists, or GSAs, as we are technically known in Ris-speak (a.k.a. […]

Baltic Babes: The Hardest Working Models (City Paper 12/04)

On a recent morning in the down-town Tallinn offices of Estonian Model Agency, better known as EMA, the pace was tempo furioso. While agency co-managing director Katrin Rannaväli feverishly worked the long distance phone lines in one corner of the cluttered, magazine cover-lined working-cum-prep space — “No, she’s not available; yes, she’s available” — in […]